“Superstar” Billy Graham

Long before cats like Triple H, John Cena, Hulk Hogan and JesseThe BodyVentura were guys like Bruno Sammartino, Ivan Putski, Dusty Rhodes andSuperstarBilly Graham. Coming from a middle class family in Phoenix, Arizona Superstars has lived a life of both good & bad in the wrestling world. He stated his father suffered from MS and was abusive towards him. He was inspired to become a weightlifter because he hung out with his brother at the gym at a young age.

Watching this DVD I discovered he was actually a minister before he even became a wrestler but he still maintain weightlifting during that time. He left the ministry because of a failed (fixed) marriage and he was ashamed because of that. THis DVD gives him the opportunity to talk about how he got into wrestling as well as discuss the downfalls of being addicted to steroids and the effects that it had on him and the near death experience he encountered.

Through it all he is a true survivor. This DVD shows where the flashy image of a wrestler originated. I would definitely give this 5 stars and a must see for any real OleSchool wrestling fan. It even has some of the old WWWF (what it was called back then), AWA and local matches he participated in. I enjoyed it a lot.

Paying tribute

If you know me you know I am a huge wrestling fan. I have not only been a fan of the sport or shall I say entertainment since I was 6 but I have always had a great admiration for the guys and girls who have put their bodies on the line 365 days a year just to entertain many of us. I have had the opportunity to meet many wrestler and hold many conversation with them. But Eddie Gurerro was one that I would have loved to have met.

I have grown so much respect for this guy because he endured a lot to make it to the dance. Now for those of you who will immediately say “Ah it’s so fake” yes true it may be fake but it takes a lot to get into a ring with injuries and still provide entertainment to those who only wish they could be in the ring.

Eddie battled his addictions to become one of the best in the business. He was a very humble person that knew it was through GOD hands that he survived to be where he was. He will always be one of the greatest that ever graced the squared circle.

Eddie may GOD receive you in his loving & comforting arms, may he give your family & friends the comfort, courage and strength during this time.

As for me and my home…there will never be enough “Thank You’s” for all of the joy you provided us when you were in the ring.

GOD rest your soul.